Spring Cleaning…Your Kitchen

Tips on spring cleaning your:


  • Check half-empty containers and their expiry dates. Will you actually use them before the best-before date?
  • Keep a list near the fridge of items that need to be used soon and plan your meals using those ingredients.
  • Check condiments that you don’t use often. How long have you had them? If you can’t remember when they were purchased or the last time you used them, toss them out!Image


  • Check your freezer for foods hidden in the back that have been there too long. You may want to toss items with freezer burn: it affects the food’s quality and taste.
  • Not sure what’s in those unlabelled bags? Out they go!
  • Make extra portions when you cook. Label with a date, freeze them, and you’ll have meals ready to go on nights you don’t have time to cook.



  • Check for spices that are past their prime. How about any oils? Get rid of bottles with a rancid odour.
  • Give nuts a sniff or taste test. Toss anything that smells or tastes “off.” Look for crackers, cereals, peanut butter and other open staples that have gone stale.
  • Canned goods may keep longer, but like everything else, keep an eye on expiry dates
  • Move older items to the front so you’ll use them first.


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