30 Easy Money-Saving Tips

Try these simple tips to save a few $100’s a month.


1.  Give your cart a once-over

Before you reach the checkout, remove at least one impulse purchase. Cutting just $10 a week of unnecessary spending adds up fast!

Image2.  Replace one processed food:

Pick one processed item and opt for an unprocessed substitute. For example, making mashed potatoes from scratch instead of buying a pre-packaged version.

3.  Punch the numbers

Don’t assume that a jumbo-size household or grocery product is the best deal. Bring a calculator on every shopping trip and figure out the price per ounce – HOW you ask?

To find the cheapest of something every time, check the price per ounce or serving. Bring a calculator to the store and take the total price divided by the total ounces or servings. So if store-brand cheese is $2 for 8 ounces (25¢ per ounce) and name-brand cheese has 4 eight-ounce packs on sale for $6 (19¢ per ounce), it’s a better deal to go with the name-brand cheese.