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October Maintenance Checklist


4 Tips for a Manicured Lawn

Summer’s here – which means that the grass is growing and yard work is on in full swing. Many of us strive to have the BEST lawn in our neighbourhood, but getting it to where you want it to be can often feel daunting and time-consuming. Follow these 4 tips for a great-looking lawn:

Keep grass approximately 2 inches in length and only take off 1/2 inch of new growth

Plant flowers around the yard for a pop of colour. Using mulch in flower beds will also add detail to your landscape.


Alternate the direction you mow each session. If you mow in the same direction every time, the wheels will create a rut in the grass.

Use a string trimmer around trees, rocks, fences and other obstacles to give your lawn a polished look. It can handle everything from cutting down weeds to trimming around trees to cleaning up grass under decks. String trimmers are the most versatile tool every homeowner should have in their shed.

Using a String Trimmer

Yard work doesn’t have to stress you out – Using the right tools for the job can make yard work easier and enjoyable. Making your lawn stand out as the beauty of the block will take some work, but the end result will be worth it!!